Warm The Homeless


November 20th marked the 4th annual blanket drive to Warm The Homeless! This amazing project that was established by Spencer Nielsen to serve Salt Lakes homeless population. There has been donations throughout the years, however, this year donations grew by over 600 percent! We love that there are people like Spencer who want to serve our community. The great thing about this is that we found out about it through Facebook. We want to here about more local projects; being able to share them as well as possibly participating and partnering with them. Being engaged locally has become a major component in our mission statement and values to serve our underserved populations. Sharing Spencer's event allowed, Elevated Mountain Guides, to collect TWO truck loads of items for our homeless population. A huge thank you goes to everyone who reached out and provided donations! Cheers to this year we cannot wait for many more to come!

Elevate Salt Lake City!