We Made It!


This post is a little late and we apologize! We've been traveling, working, and service has been spotty. On the positive side, Nikki McGee (President of EMG), Erkki Becker (Nikki's husband), Louis Arevalo ( an AMAZING photographer), and Emily Mahaffey (Medical Director) are in Peru! 

Quick facts about Peru:

  • Located on the Western coast of South America
  • Lima is the capital city, and is one of the largest cities in South America
  • Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is in Peru!
  • The city of Huaraz is located in the Peruvian Andes

Our hostel, Inkawasi, was in the neighborhood of Mira Flores in the city of Lima. Mira Flores is located on the coast of the country and you know what that means? Great Views! Louis and Emily took the chance to walk along the ocean and site see, before we started our work for the week. Their walk through Mira Flores gave them a tease of the enriched culture; there are great restaurants, coffee shops, and bike paths. During their site seeing they ate at a local restaurant called Costazul. The owner was great and had friends at there who were singing and playing guitar, they were feeling alive and elevated! Our day was fun and exciting, but it was time to travel to Huaraz, our trip destination. 

After traveling for 9.5 hours from Lima to Huaraz, we were met at the bus station by Maruja, Gilf's wife. Gilf is the owner of the hostel, La Casa De Maruja, that is our home here in Huaraz. We settled into our rooms so we could get a few things prepped for our first day of teaching. To end the night we were served chicken from La Rustika, a local restaurant, it was such a great way to end our long day of travel. We are so excited to be here in Peru; we are so excited  to tell you more about our work that we have been doing this week.


Elevate Your Everyday, Elevate Peru!