What's The Point?


Our Trip Goals:

Deliver donated climbing and mountaineering gear to both The Instituto Tecnologico Eleazar Guzman Barron and local established guides.

Provide a, FREE, 5 day Wilderness First Responder course to about 50 students.

Donate gear to CAWAY, a local climbing club, offering free climbing lessons to local youth and assiting in developing a teaching cirriculum for future use.

Provide pictures of our work, especially for those that made monetary donations as well as the reciepients of donated gear.

This trip means a lot to us as an organization; it means the world to us that we had so many generous donations from many individuals and sponors. We hope this gives you a better understanding of our basic goals while we are here in Peru. Additionally, we promised to give you updates on what we have done so far on this trip!

Monday morning, Nikki, Erkki, Louis, and Emily arrived at Eleazar Guzman Barron Technological Institute. This is the school that Gilf Laurente, our host at the hostel, teaches at. The school offers nine different certificate programs to their students. Guiding and Tourism is one of them; the students go through three years of study to become guides in the Ancash region and beyond. Our team attended the Monday morning opening remarks. The principal of the school introduced our team and course. After, we went and meet the class, there was a mix of students and guides.

To get everyone comfortable, Nikki lead some introductions and icebreakers. Then the team got right into teaching, we started with Patient Assessment. After a great lesson, we took a two hour lunch break. Then we got right back into our work teaching Airway and Breathing, and CPR. We discussed vital signs, why airway is so important, and how to perform CPR in adults and babies. The students were a little shy at first but engaged more toward the end of the day. Overall, it was a great first day of working with students and local guides! 

Elevate Your Everyday, Elevate Peru!