Thunder Struck (literally)!


About Huascaran National Park:

  • It Comprises most of the Cordillera Blanca (the world's highest tropical mountain range). UNESCO site
  • It was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1985 by UNESCO. UNESCO site
  • It is the largest glaciated area in the tropics with 660 tropical glaciers and 300 glacial lakes. Peru's National Park Service site
  • Amongst the many activities one can enjoy in the park, there are 25 trekking routes, 102 mountaineering opportunities and 333 archaeological sites. Peru's National Parks Service site



Today we cover environmental injuries: Altitude Sickness, Drowning, Hypothermia and Frostbite and Allergies. Altitude sickness, Hypothermia, and Frostbite are three of the main things the guides encounter so the discussions are really in-depth. The established guides have great questions, examples, and clarifying questions. We discover that there aren’t a lot of cases of allergies amongst the local Peruvians. As a result, the lecture turns into a discussion about how they can recognize allergic reactions and what questions they should be asking their clients. After a two hour break, we go over practical skills outside. We split up into two groups and run assessments, with Erkki leading one group and Emily leading another. The groups go over the whole patient assessment, splinting broken bones, stopping bleeding and moving patients with various injuries. We assess unconscious patients and patients who have multiple injuries. The students get really involved with the hands on aspect and ask really good questions. A massive hail storm moves in on us and we have to move inside! The students continue to run assessments inside until the hail storm passes. The students are really getting the rhythm of the assessment. At the start of the course, the experienced guides are the ones leading the assessments and prompting the other students to follow the next step. The more they practice, the more initiative everyone takes. The whole point of this course is to give the students useful tools so they can become better guides. It’s really cool to see them take the information and make it their own.


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