Time is of the Essence!


Time to catch all you folks up on our incredible adventures! We are sorry that we have had a couple days in between our posts, we haven't had the best internet access! Either way, we are happy to continue to update you on our trip and our work here in Peru! Quick Facts:

  • Peru experiences as many as 200 minor earthquakes, on average each year! source
  • 75% of adults with diabetes live in low- and middle- income countries! source
  • 3 million Peruvians lack access to safe water and 5 million lack access to improved sanitation! source

The material for the day 5 covered all of the following: Water disinfectant, diabetes, lightning, triage, avalanches, and medical emergencies. Water disinfectant covers types of organisms found in water that can make people sick and a couple of different methods to disinfect water. The methods we cover are the Steripen (a UV water purifier), iodine drops and tablets, gravity filter, and MSR (Mountain Safety Research) pump filter. We ask the students what methods they use and their responses were boiling water and iodine tablets. Diabetes covers the basic tenets of the disease, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and what to do with patients who have diabetic emergencies. Lightning covers the different types of lightning strikes, injuries incurred from lightning strikes, and how to treat lightning victims. We also cover triage. There are three groups of victims. Victims who can walk around and have minor injuries are labeled “green”. Victims who are majorly injured and need immediate attention are labeled “red”. Victims who are dead or will die soon are labeled “black”. Avalanches covers factors for avalanches, injuries, how to treat avalanche victims once they get removed from. The big thing we emphasis with avalanches is that time is of the essence. We break for lunch from 12:00-2:00. After lunch we cover medical emergencies; this covers heart disease, strokes and seizures. We discuss the signs and symptoms of all of the above and how to treat the patient in the back country.

We wrap up the class and make plans for our practical field day. Tomorrow we are going to meet at 8:00 a.m. and go do the practical test and assessment outside in the field. After that we will return to school and administer the final exam. We ended the night back at the hostel making final touches for the last day of the course.

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