That's a Wrap

Hey Its Dylan,

I Just wanted to provide you all with one final blog as the social media intern. This blog is a quick look back at my time with the organization and a look at what I've learned in this role. I hope that you enjoy it if you have any questions you can comment on our Facebook or Instagram post. 

Wow, I cannot believe how fast time 22 weeks fly by when you’re having fun. Yeah, I have been with the organization 22 weeks now and I am so thankful for this awesome opportunity. I said, “Hey, I’ll be your intern” back in November- with little to no Idea of what I was getting myself into- and I would not change it for the world. I took this opportunity knowing how to work social media, that I’m a decent writer, that I like engaging with different people, and that I believed in Nikki’s passion to give back to those in underserved communities. Little did I know this opportunity would soon benefit me in having a better understanding and connections to the outdoor industry.

I am always looking for the next challenge, this internship would provide me several. The first one presented to me was thinking about how to target our current followers and to grow our following. Like I said, I have no experience engaging with climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. I did not let that stop me, however, instead I used it to encourage me to change how I looked at the different accounts we followed and how they posted as well as the different ways Nikki would say things and the language that would be used. This was a major focus for me, and now I can say (and spell it correctly too) how stoked I am that I learned these things.


Another major challenge I faced was coming to Salt Lake City to assist in putting on our Project Climb Fundraiser. I was hesitant about coming into the group dynamic, having been accomplishing this internship remotely, and not meshing with everyone. That was the complete opposite though, and that is something that I have loved so much about working with Elevated Mountain Guides. Everyone is accepting and understanding that we all come from different backgrounds and that together we will make the change not as individuals. A huge shout out goes to the amazing staff and volunteers Nikki, Errki, Emily, and so many others. I could not have done it without you all and the words of encouragement and welcoming into the team like I was family!


At the end of the day, I cannot wait to see where this amazing organization goes and how they change the world. No matter the trials and tribulation the team is strong and determined to influence positive change and with that motivation anything is possible. There is no other organization that I could have imagined working with these past months. Lastly, if you are part of the Salt Lake City community, you love climbing, or you love giving back you should checkout this amazing organization!