Project Climb and my summer as an intern for EMG

Project Climb

This summer I was the Project Climb intern for Elevated Mountain Guides. First, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and why I decided to work with EMG. I am a senior at the University of Utah studying Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. I love my major because it is the first time I have really felt like I am passionate about my education. I decided I wanted to do an internship over the summer while I was not at school, and that is when I found EMG.

The internship posting was for a “Project Climb” intern; I had no idea what that meant, but it instantly grabbed my attention because I love to climb. Come to find out, Project Climb was a program aimed to introduce the underserved communities of Salt Lake to the outdoors, specifically the youth. I was thrilled to learn all about Project Climb and all of the other awesome things founder Nikki McGee has been doing through EMG. I was even more thrilled when she offered me the internship after we had met.

After months of extensive planning and detailing, we were ready for the trial run of Project Climb. With help from White Pine Touring, on August 8, 2018 we took eight kids from The Boys and Girls Club climbing at Cliff Lake. It was everything we wanted it to be and more. We saw kids struggle to overcome their fears and learn to trust themselves and others. We saw them challenge themselves and become passionate about something new. And most of all, we saw them have fun.

It was an amazing experience being able to go out and climb with these kids. It was most of their first time climbing outdoors and some of their first time being outdoors at all. It was so awesome to see these kids have that experience and to be there for them when they needed help. As much as Project Climb inspired these kids, it also inspired me to continue pursuing work like this. I am so excited to see where Project Climb goes next and all the things that it will accomplish.