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We are a Utah-based 501(c)(3) non-profit supported by a community of educators, guides, and outdoor enthusiasts. Our mission is to fund, support and educate underserved communities looking to expand their access and expertise in outdoors

Our Goals:

1. Experiential Outdoor Education:

Our team of volunteer educators teach wilderness medicine and technical climbing safety to established guides and guides-to-be through our Expanded Access program in Peru and our Project Climb program in Utah offers outdoor education to our underserved communities.

2. Environmental Stewardship:

Educating locals on their own ecosystems can create a better understanding of ecosystem connectivity, deepening their own understanding and respect for their land. It can also clarify environmental cause and effect symptoms.  Leave No Trace is a conservation approach to utilizing recreational areas without creating further damage. The basic concept of LNT is to leave the space you recreate in better than when you got there so that the next visitors can have the same experience of wonder and beauty that the first visitors had. This creates a more authentic experience for visitors, making the sites more popular, and protecting it for future generations to enjoy and use. When teaching stewardship, it is important to discuss the prolonged use of recreational areas. The better the conservation efforts, the longer they can continue to use the areas.

3. Community Engagement:

We support efforts engaging in our local underserved communities and underserved communities abroad. Our current projects involve underserved youth through The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake, and Club de Andinismo Wayra- CAWAY in Huaraz, Peru. Both efforts are focused on equal access to the sport of rock climbing.

4. Establishing Healthy Habits:

We help families of all means find healthy ways to engage with their kids and offer free or little cost options to get out and get healthy!

5. To Safely Outfit:
We donate new and used gear, clothing, and specialty equipment to the communities we serve.