Project: Elevated Access


Our pilot program is currently taking place in the rural mountain town of Huaraz, Peru. We began in 2015 with gear donations and have since expanded into offering free Wilderness Medicine and Basic Rock Climbing Safety courses to the local guiding community. Our programs have served over 120 people to date. We are headed back in November to work on course curriculum as we apply for accreditation and work on a new course currently in development: Community Emergency Preparedness. This course will be offered to the community at large as they are in a highly active geologic zone with little to no emergency response resources. We see these courses as a way for the local communities to gain the knowledge and become the teachers, allowing them the opportunity to teach themselves and us the ability to expand the program to other areas of need. Our last Wilderness Medicine course in November 2017 had over 55 current and future guides!

Pictured to the right is some of the over 400 pounds of gear we've collected and distributed to the community.

Original Gear Donations, Kirk Marshall_Momentum.jpg