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Making the Outdoors Accessible to Underserved Communities - locally and abroad

We are making the outdoors and all the amazing experiences it has to offer, accessible to the underserved communities of UTah and Peru. We started with our Project: Elevated Access bringing the latest backcountry and wilderness medicine trainings and equipment to Peru. In 2016 started Project: Climb in partnership with the Salt Lake Boys & Girls Club reaching over 80 deserving youth in our first year. Starting in January 2019, we will be expanding our reach to include our local refugee, homeless and foster youth within the Salt Lake and Summit Counties.

Project Climb

Project: Elevated Access

The Elevated Access program brings the latest training and equipment to aspiring climbers in Peru every year. Learn more about our flagship international course and see our plans to expand around the globe.

Project: Climb

Our community collaboration helping under served youth in both Salt Lake and Summit Counties. Through partnerships with the Boys' & Girls' Club, local title one schools, the Salt Lake County Youth Services, and other organizations helping under served youth, we teach kids climbing basics indoors and transfer the skills directly to the outdoors to help prepare them for a lifetime of adventure. Our programs mainly focus on youth with trauma and allow them the opportunity to reach attainable goals in a fully supported environment. The undeniable success of these programs has allowed us the opportunity to expand and we look forward to more outdoor projects this coming Summer of 2019.


Project: Embark

Utah is home to over 60,000 refugees. Embark is a program that introduces wilderness skills, rock climbing, and snow sports to young women in Salt Lake and Utah County’s ever-growing refugee community.


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Elevated Mountain Guides is dedicated to expanding our reach in the community and around the globe.

You can be apart of making an impact too! Donating as little as $10 a month will secure an aspiring climber with the support they need for a year.

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