Elevating Together: A Look Behind The Lens with Louis Arevalo

This is Danny (in blue) and friends. Obviously, Danny is awesome and by association, his friends must be too. One afternoon while I was wandering the streets of Huaraz, Peru, shooting video footage for Elevated Mountain Guides, it began to rain. I took shelter beneath a door stoop and continued to shoot the deluge. A few doorways from me this energized group of kids was darting back and forth across the street doing a terrible job of dodging the massive raindrops. Each crossing came with an eruption of laughter so clear and genuine I just had to meet them.

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Dylan Gates
Elevating Together: The Benefits of Climbing as a Kid with Fallon Rowe

Climbing also showed me what community looks like; I felt at home with my team, at climbing gyms, and at outdoor climbing areas. No matter what hardships I dealt with, I always knew I could turn to my climbing partners, coaches, and community members for help and acceptance. The climbing community showed me trust and friendship, and inspired me to always achieve more in both sports and education. These peers and mentors believed in me and showed me my potential.

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Ashton Gabrielsen